UNION Synthesizer: A User-Friendly Tool for Learning FM Synthesis

FM synthesis can be a powerful tool for creating a wide range of sounds, from simple sine waves to complex textures. However, it can also be a challenging technique to master, especially for those who are new to the world of sound design. That's where UNION Synthesizer comes in - a web-based FM synthesizer that aims to make FM synthesis more accessible and approachable.

Built with p5js, UNION Synthesizer includes adjustable frequency and amplitude modulation, reverb and delay effects, and a logarithmic Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) visualization for analyzing the spectrum of the generated sounds. With its user-friendly interface, it's an excellent tool for learning and experimentation.

One of the great things about UNION Synthesizer is that it can be accessed via a web server, making it easy to use on a smartphone. This means that it's possible to use it in a master class, where a teacher can propose a FM synth directly to the class, allowing them to experiment with sound design and learn about frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. It's a fantastic way to introduce students to the world of sound design and give them hands-on experience with FM synthesis.

But that's not all - UNION Synthesizer can also be used to produce a global music experiment where all the crowd can play with in parallel at the same time producing a spatial audio experience and unique art production. This can be a fantastic way to bring people together and create something truly unique and special.

Overall, UNION Synthesizer is a fantastic project that can benefit anyone interested in sound design and FM synthesis. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls, it's an excellent tool for learning and experimentation. So why not give it a try and see what kind of sounds you can create?