Exploring Plotter Art: Geometric and Photography-inspired Drawings

I am constantly searching for new ways to express myself and push the boundaries of traditional art forms. One of the methods I have recently explored is plotter art, which involves using a computer-controlled pen to create intricate designs and shapes on paper.

In my latest series of plotter art, I have experimented with two types of drawings: pure geometric morphing drawings and photography-inspired drawings. Each type presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for artistic expression.

Geometric Morphing Drawings

The geometric morphing drawings I created using plotter art are characterized by their clean lines, sharp angles, and intricate shapes. They are inspired by the minimalism movement in art and architecture, which emphasizes the use of simple forms and a limited color palette.

To create these drawings, I first sketch out the basic shapes and forms on paper using traditional drawing tools. I then transfer these sketches to a computer program that allows me to manipulate the shapes and angles to create complex patterns. I then used morhing algorithms to morph between two vectorized shapes.

Once the design is complete, I load the plotter with a pen and let it do its work. Watching the plotter create these intricate designs in real-time is a mesmerizing experience, and the end result is a stunning work that is both precise and abstract.

Photography-inspired Drawings

The other type of plotter art that I have been delving into is inspired by contemporary music scores and photographs. These drawings have a more fluid and organic feel, and allow me to explore the interplay between different textures and shapes.

To create these drawings, I begin with a contemporary music score that resonates with me. Using a computer program, I simplify the score into a series of basic shapes and lines. I then use a plotter program to manipulate and arrange these shapes into a completely new and unique design.

The end result is a plotter drawing that captures the essence of the original music score in a fresh and captivating way. By playing with lines, textures and shades, I am able to create a sense of depth and movement that is evocative of each score contemporary music.


Plotter art is a fascinating and challenging medium that has allowed me to push the boundaries of my artistic expression. Whether I am creating pure geometric morphing drawings or photography-score-inspired drawings, each piece presents its own unique set of challenges and rewards.

I am amazed at the beauty and complexity of plotter art and am excited to continue exploring this medium in the future. I hope that my work will inspire others to experiment with plotter art and push the boundaries of artistic expression.